*Pre-Season Game Access Launch Dates*

Purchase of the Pre-Season NFT licenses will grant you early closed beta access along with special closed beta tournaments and NFT marketplace access.
Depending on which license you buy, you'll receive access to;

Launching March 2020

- In-game vehicle builder - Where you can construct and mint your own custom 'race ready' unique NFT vehicles using your vehicle parts
- 24/7 local racing access (single player & multiplayer)

Launching Q3-Q4 2020

- The Pre-Season closed beta tournament series begins - With prize money to be won!
- Online racing special events

FPR - Future Physics Racer

Future Physics Racer

Introducing the world's first FPR. Realistic physics simulation of high end racing cars set in a future online racing series
RTS - Real Time Strategy Racing

RTS Racing

It's not all about racing lines. Adjust your strategy and customise your vehicle on the fly to adapt to changing racing conditions
Team Battles

Team Battles

A monopoly of sectors. Battle it out Team vs Team and achieve the fastest times to own sectors, control resources and win the race
Pre-Loaded Wallets

Simply purchase a pre-loaded wallet, log into it, and get instant access to the sale.

Our Pre-Loaded Wallets are a great option if:

A) You don't own any cryptocurrency at all and want to buy in using USD$, AUD$ etc
(For a full list of supported FIAT currencies, see 'notes' below)

B) You own cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc, but don't already own SOUL
(33 crypto currencies are accepted. For a full list, see 'notes' below)

N.B. All of the NFT sale items are available to be purchased directly inside the wallet as well.
Purchases made with SOUL come with a discount


- Besides the tokens that come inside a pre-loaded wallet, each wallet also includes a unique 'wallet NFT' (according to the type of wallet that you buy) that can be used as a badge in-game that gives you to access an additional layer of special events and other privilages.
- For ultimate security, we recommend that you create a new wallet (it's free and takes seconds) and transfer all assets from your pre-loaded wallet into it
- Phantasma Chain uses a resource token called KCAL to cover fees for using the chain, i.e. making transactions
- KCAL is automatically generated by holding and staking SOUL tokens (This is done in the wallet)

Currencies Accepted


Cryptocurrencies Accepted


Game Access via NFT

For a complete list of all of the parts available in the pre-season parts pack Click Here

To inspect all of the parts that you currently own Click Here

Vehicle Parts Overview

There are 25 essential vehicle parts that are required to construct a 'race ready' vehicle, as well as six additional add-on 'aesthetic only' part slots available per vehicle.

The core vehicle parts can be separated into 5 groups:

1 - Rolling Chassis
2 - Body Parts
3 - Aerodynamic Fairings (Aero)
4 - Power System
5 - Energy System

Rolling Chassis

• Chassis
• Swingarm Hinge
• Swingarm
• Hub Drive
• Rims
• Gel Tyres

Body Parts

• Body Base
• Body Upper Capsule
• Body Vent
• Interior
• Cockpit Screen

Aero Fairings

• Main
• Inner Stabiliser
• Side Skirt
• Front Spoiler
• Rear Spoiler

Power System

• Plasma Fusion Reactor
• Magnetic Field Stabiliser
• Plasma Flow Connectors
• Boost Turbines

Energy System

• Energy Main Unit (EMU)
• Energy Control Unit (ECU)
• Capacitor Cell
• Capacitor Energy Connectors
• Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS / ERS)

Game Access via NFT

Vehicle Tuning Overview

Every 'race ready' vehicle has a degree of tuning available to it. We use a 'five bar' system to describe the degree of tuning available to each category.
Each bar represents 20% of the total possible tuning, + and - the base tuning, available to each category.


There is no 'pay to win' in 22RS in the community racing class. Every vehicle will have the same amount of power, weight, grip etc available to them.
And each vehicle in 22RS will have a high level of base tuning for everyone to use out of the box.
Tuning capabilities represent more-so the ability for a vehicle to be adjusted to suit a different race handling style.

The categories of tuning are:

1 - Power
2 - Weight
3 - Aero
4 - Handling
5 - Energy

Power Tuning

• Boost power delivery curve
• Fusion Efficiency to output ratio
• Swingarm Hinge
• Swingarm
• Hub Drive

Weight Tuning

• Weight Balance - Forward/Backward
• Body Upper Capsule
• Body Vent
• Interior

Aero Tuning

• Main
• Inner Stabiliser
• Side Skirt
• Front Spoiler
• Rear Spoiler

Handling Tuning

• Plasma Fusion Reactor
• Magnetic Field Stabiliser
• Plasma Flow Connectors
• Boost Turbines

Energy Tuning

• Energy Main Unit (EMU)
• Energy Control Unit (ECU)
• Capacitor Cell
• Capacitor Energy Connectors
• Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS / ERS)
Blockchain Gaming

Gaming Economy Disrupted / Gaming Experience Uninterrupted

As a gamer, the blockchain is just another backend service that, while it unlocks the power for you to finally own and take control of your digital assets, from a UX point of view, it's no different than using your regular gaming service.

• A game platform holds your game license - Log into your account to access it /
• Your blockchain wallet holds your game license - Log into your wallet to access it.

• A game platform holds your in-game assets /
• Your blockchain wallet holds your in-game assets

• A game platform server stores leaderboards /
• The blockchain stores the leaderboards - and so on.

Easy, but so powerful ...

True Digital Asset Ownership

Using blockchain technology to unlock true digital asset freedom.

Putting your digital assets fully into your control means that you own them in the same way that you own your assets in the physical world:
• If you want to sell your car, you can.
• If you want to sell your 'boxed copy' game, you can.
• You just bought an OLED TV and want to sell your old TV? you can.

It couldn't be more logical.

Blockchain puts digital assets fully in your control. Use them, trade them or sell them, however and whenever you want.

Community Created & Controlled Content

As a content creator you lose all control of your content IP as soon as it enters the black box of a game platform service.

It's about time that changed.

Smart contracts can give you total control over your work:
• Price - Including sales periods
• Access Rights - Premium or Freemium model?
• Rarity - Is there only one, or is it infinite?
• License fees - Do you get a payment if it's used in an Esports event?

+ More - Right down to a % cut of a sale if your work is onsold.
Pre-Season Leaderboard

Leaderboard prizes

1st Place

- Your very own 'Custom 22 Racing Series NFT vehicle' - Hand-built for you by our team
(Your choice of mint volume. Anywhere from 1 - 10,000, all owned by you)
- Mint #1 (of 3) unique Phantasma NFT vehicles signed by the team
- Trackside branding in-game - Live during the closed beta tournament period
- First in 'Closed beta seller access' to the community auctions in the NFT marketplace

2nd Place

- Mint #2 (of 3) unique Phantasma NFT vehicles signed by the team
- Trackside branding in-game - Live during the closed beta tournament period
- First in 'Closed beta seller access' to the community auctions in the NFT marketplace

3rd Place

- Mint #3 (of 3) unique Phantasma NFT vehicles signed by the team
- First in 'Closed beta seller access' to the community auctions in the NFT marketplace


- The Pre-Season sale period ends on Thursday the 16th July 2020 at 4pm GMT
- Winners of these packages have the right to use them themselves, or to give or sell, them to another party
- We reserve the right to decline branding if the winner doesn't own the appropriate image or branding rights, or if the content is deemed inappropriate
- In the case that in-game branding content is declined, the prize is not forfeited. The winner is able to submit alternate branding
- Winners will get a minimum of three consultations with the team during the design and production period
- We cover the Kcal (Gas) cost of minting all NFT prizes

Blockchain Integration

Phantasma Chain

22 Racing Series is being developed in partnership with Phantasma and coming to 'Phantasma Chain', the purpose built gaming and esports blockchain.

Phantasma Chain has been purpose built from the ground up for exactly the kind of community-centric smart contract system that we need, enabling us to give content creators greater control over how their work is distributed, sold, shared, licensed and consumed.

Find out more at Phantasma.io

Besides using blockchain to provide unhackable leaderboards, race results stored on chain and ledgers that can't be tampered with, we'll be using Phantasma Chain to bring you a next-generation gaming on blockchain integration using Phantasma's technology.
NFT - Non Fungible Tokens


Acronym for "Non Fungible Token".

These are assets like car parts, vehicles & tracks etc that are each a 'whole unique item', as opposed to a currency that can be divided up.

Each NFT has a composition and history that's stored on the blockchain transaction ledger, e.g. item properties, race wins, etc - Like the kill stats on CS:GO weapons, except always stored with the item itself.

Handling your game assets as NFTs gives you the power to both use them in-game and also to trade or sell them as you like. But most importantly, it brings you a new way to contribute where content creators are able to 'mint' their assets as unique NFTs that they're able to sell with full artistic and financial control.
RTS - Real Time Strategy Racing

Smart Contracts

Gaming and Esport ecosystems reimagined.

Connecting developers, content creators, teams, players, shoutcasters, promoters, game servers et al, to deliver you a gaming community that can create, collaborate and participate like never before.

Perfect for online events with prize money, as prize pools will be transferred immediately with near zero transaction fees after a competition result is validated, and for the community to create their own events that transparently manage payouts to event contributors, along with managing prize pool payouts to the competition winners automatically.

Transparent and frictionless.


Play for fun, and play for pay.

Tournament smart contracts & digital currencies combine to bring you safe, fast and frictionless transactions automatically and instantly delivered to your wallet.

With our dedicated community smart contract system we'll be opening up a new era of community collaboration and monetisation.

However you want to participate, whether it be as a Racer, Content Creator, Tournament Organiser, Shoutcaster, Influencer, or even as a Server Host (and more), you'll be able to get in on the action, seamlessly and transparently.

Get paid, no fuss.
Game Info

22 Racing Series (22RS) is a very different racing game to anything that you've ever played before. At its core, we wanted to make a racing game that gave you the same thrill of speed that you get when you're on the race track in the real world, while also giving you an extra level of strategy to give you more gameplay depth than your usual racing game.

To do this, we've combined what we're calling Future Physics Racing (FPR), and Real-Time Strategy Racing (RTS-R).

FPR - Future Physics Racer

Future Physics Racing

Vehicles can travel at over 1000kmh (700mph) using fully simulated physics - which keeps it tangible and easier to understand, while at the same time creating a long tail of racing skill. We sometimes call this 'Wipeout meets Gran Turismo'. It looks like an "anti-gravity racer", but we are pro gravity here!

To find out more, check out 22racingseries.com
RTS - Real Time Strategy Racing

Real-Time Strategy Racing

While racing, you capture sectors which give you resources that can be spent mid race on boosts, vehicle upgrades and on-track abilities - To give you a level of mid race strategy that allows you to win using (somewhat) classic RTS strategies.

All mid race vehicle tech tree upgrades are valid on a 'per race' basis.
NFT How To

There are three different methods for buying NFTs. Check below to see which method suits you best.


If you already own SOUL
(Phantasma Chain based)

You can buy NFTs using the Phantom Wallet, which supports Phantasma Chain based SOUL.

N.B. If you already own SOUL, but it's NEO chain based and in a different wallet, then see 'Method 3 - Step 3' below.

To buy with Phantom Wallet

1 - Open your wallet
2 - Click the 'NFT Sale' tab
3 - Select the NFTs that you'd like to buy


If you don't own SOUL
and you want in fast

You can buy a pre-loaded wallet loaded primarily with redeemable GOATi tokens (pegged at 10 cents USD) directly from us. This will enable you to follow 'Method 1' to buy your NFTs.

To buy a pre-loaded wallet: Click Here

For instructions on using your pre-loaded wallet see our help page: Click Here


• You can own any number of unique wallets
• It's easy and fast to transfer all tokens, including NFTs between wallets
• If you buy multiple pre-loaded wallets, you can easily consolidate your assets into a single wallet


If you don't own SOUL
and you want to learn all about it

To do this, you'll need to:

1 - Buy SOUL from an exchange
2 - Create a NEO based wallet and transfer your SOUL to it
3 - Convert your NEO based SOUL using your NEO wallet together with Phantom Wallet

You'll then be able to buy using Method 1

Further notes on each of these steps below.

METHOD 3 Explained

Buying Process



SOUL is currently available on these exchanges:

Simply start an account on any of these exchanges and purchase some SOUL.

N.B. SOUL listed on exchanges uses Phantasma's original 'NEO based' currency protocol. Phantasma Chain now has its own bespoke blockchain - The same chain that the NFTs are built with. You can transfer between the two protocols by simply transferring (swapping) your SOUL between wallets.


NEO based SOUL Wallet

Create an O3 Wallet and transfer your SOUL to it from the exchange.

For more information on how to create an O3 Wallet and transfer SOUL from the exchange to your wallet, see the links below


Visit our instructions page for detailed video and written tutorials: Click Here


Phantasma Chain SOUL Wallet

Create a Phantom Wallet and transfer (called a swap) your SOUL from your O3 wallet to this wallet. This moves the SOUL from the NEO blockchain to the Phantasma Chain.

Once this is done, you can then simply follow 'Method 1' above to buy NFTs.

N.B. SOUL can be swapped back to the NEO chain at any time doing the same process in reverse.


Visit our instructions page for detailed video and written tutorials: Click Here

Further Information

Using Phantasma Chain, we're able to 'mint on demand'. This means that as soon as you make a purchase, your NFTs will be minted 'live' and deposited directly into your wallet. This process will take mere seconds.

SOUL currently exists on two blockchains, NEO and the Phantasma Mainnet. SOUL purchased on an exchange is NEO based and needs to be swapped to the Phantasma Mainnet prior to buying NFTs. See 'Method 3' above for details on how to do this.

SOUL can be transferred back and forth between the NEO and Phantasma blockchains. This is called 'swapping'.

The NFT sale will be conducted on the Phantasma Mainnet. It will leverage two important features, names that resolve to a blockchain address and the ability to 'live mint' and distribute NFTs.

You will need to use Phantom Wallet to exchange SOUL or GOATi tokens for NFTs.

Don't forget to visit our instructions page for detailed video and written tutorials: Click Here

Additional Help

For live help with any of this, you're welcome to ask an administrator and/or community member on the official Phantasma Telegram Channel:

Phantasma Telegram

Thanks To