All Non Fungible Token (NFT) purchases will require that users leverage the feature rich Phantom Wallet. This wallet connects you to the Phantasma Mainnet and lets you purchase and manage NFTs. Getting your wallet set up may be a challenge for some, so we've constructed this page to give you as much information as possible to get you started.

Video Tutorials

Phantom Wallet - Getting Started

Using Phantom Wallet to buy NFTs

Written Tutorials

Download Location for Phantom Wallet: Click here

Installation guide for Windows, OSX and Linux: Click here

Guide for shopping with Phantom Wallet: Click here

Detailed user guide for Phantom Wallet. Includes how to swap NEP5 SOUL to the Mainnet: Click here

Note: for all purchases of pre-loaded wallets, it is highly recommended that users create new wallets and transfer their assets. See the first video on this page for more information

Additonal Information

User guide for Poltergeist Wallet: Click here

Note: Poltergeist is an alternative Phantasma wallet which includes a NEO wallet. It cannot be used for the sale directly, however it can be leveraged to quickly and easily swap "Neo" SOUL from exchanges to Phantasma SOUL The wallet key from Poltergeist can then be used directly to log in to Phantom wallet to purchase your 22 Racing Series game items.